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Sample Our Cargo

Sample Our Cargo

Get 450 grams of coffee! That's a 150 gram sample for each of our three roasts, delivered to your door.


Roast #1: Sloop o' War Dark Roast -  is bright and citrusy. Packed with Caffeine. This is a roast for people that want to wrestle the Cracken. Wake up early and drink a bit of this mighty brew, careful, the Cracken, it punches back.


Roast #2: Flagship Medium Roast - new blend! Brazillian Eagle Mogiana, a natural processed coffee with tasting notes of chocolate, apple, and nuts. We have blended it with Colombia Alto del Obispo, a washed coffee that adds orange and caramel notes.


Roast #3: The Treasure Chest. We're always trying out new coffees. Our seasonal roast frequently changes, It is currently Guatemala San Antonio Huista coffee. This is a lovely chocolaty coffee with notes of red apple, toffee and a very creamy body.


Taste them with your crew...and choose your favourite brew!


Want to have all three regularly delivered? Check out our subscription options. 

Have better mornings. Drink better coffee.

  • All our beans are delivered roasted fresh and whole so make sure that you have a grinder at home.

450 Grams

JOin the Crew.

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For life.

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