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Fresh Roasted,

Whole Bean Coffee.

Free Delivery.

Wake up to a 'bit of all right' in your cup, instead of a sip of okay.


Perfect for



Moka pot,


and Pour-over.  

Delivery is Free.

The Best Coffee I've Ever Had

This is the best coffee I've ever tasted and I can make it at home. Thank you for bringing this into my life. It's all anyone is getting for presents from now on. 

Kate, world traveler and coffee glutton, Edinburgh

I loved the flavour.
niall webster.jpg

My first cup of coffee of 2021 was the Flagship and it was good! I loved the flavour and aroma. This rating goes up to 11.

Niall, coffee addict and enthuasiast

This Season's Special Blend


Medium Roast

A smooth blend of

Colombian and Brazilian beans. 
Tasting notes of:




Fairtrade and organic at the source.

We just add the roast and deliver to your door.

Organic & Free Trade
Believe in a Better Bean

You don't like preservatives or chemical baths and neither do we. That's why we source organic-only beans from reliable, free-trade sources. 


Small Batch Means Fresh

Your order is roasted on the day it is placed and shipped the next day. No stale beans for you! Only grind what you need for ultimate freshness.


Subscription Pricing

Neverending Coffee

You never have to experience the rattle of an empty coffee tin again. Get a subscription and enjoy Ghost Ship Coffee every morning. 


Fire & Bean

And Nothing In Between

a right treat to drink.

The coffee was beautiful. It's not often coffee actually matches the notes. It definitely had the hints of nutmeg, chocolate and felt like a right treat to drink. Definitely where my freshly roasted coffee will be coming from.

Ros, coffee lover in Newcastle

Try Before you Commit!

3 Roast Sampler

Try the Cargo

Not sure which roast suits you and your crew? Try our sampler shipment with all three roasts.

150 g of each coffee


Treasure Chest | Flagship | Sloop of War

 Delicious Treasure

Bag of Whole Roasted Beans

Pick Yer Poison

Choose from our rotating roasts to please your tastebuds and add that caffeine pep in your step.

250g | 500g | 1kg

Starts at £9.50

Free Shipping

Monthly Subscription

Join the Crew

Wake up every morning to coffee that treats you like a pirate king. Never run dry again.

250g | 500g | 1kg

Starts at £9.00 a month

Need Coffee Equipment? We've got some suggestions.


You've got questions? We've got answers!

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