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Sloop of War

Sloop of War

The Sloop of War Blend will wake you up like the crack of a cannon.


Blended to wake even the sleepiest of coffee drinkers, the caffeine boost comes straight from the bean with no enhancements except for our roasting process. 


Described as bright and citrusy, it's a flavour savoured by coffee cravers.

Price includes shipping. 


Hate the feeling of an empty coffee tin? Check out our subscription option!


Psssst...If you are not sure what you like, that is okay too! That is why we offer the sample pack! 

  • While mileage may vary, our testing has proven these ratio's to be accurate for single cup brewing:

    330ml oz Coffee Mug = 20g Ground Coffee
    400ml Travel Mug = 30g Ground Coffee


  • All our beans are delivered roasted fresh and whole so make sure that you have a grinder at home.


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For life.

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