The Flagship Blend

The Flagship Blend

The Flagship blend is perfect for anytime of the year, especially during the holiday season. It’s a rich, creamy bodied coffee with bright, but light acidity. Our hand-roasting process brings out the milk chocolate, orange, caramel and nut flavours of the beans. We use Brazillian Eagle Mogiana, a natural processed coffee blended with Colombia Alto del Obispo, a washed coffee


This coffee is ideal for preparing in a cafetière, moka pot, home espresso machine, or pour over.


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  • While mileage may vary, our testing has proven these ratio's to be accurate for single cup brewing:

    330ml oz Coffee Mug = 20g Ground Coffee
    400ml Travel Mug = 30g Ground Coffee

    This measurement should work for every way you like to brew your coffee!

  • All our beans are delivered roasted fresh and whole so make sure that you have a grinder at home.


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